Monday, August 18, 2008

Looking for the positive

After such a difficult day yesterday, I'm looking for the happy today. I have a break from the kids while at work so I'm able to breathe deeply and gain some fresh perspective.

Here is what made me smile today:

1. Listening to Kevin and Bean laugh at a popular Alan Jackson song about bologna sandwiches on white bread. Classic.

2. Seeing an excellent "face" on a the back of a big rig. Wish I had my camera!

3. Grilled veggie pesto pizza for lunch from the studio lot...yummmy!

4. Walking back from the lot and appreciating the splendid coastal breeze (got to get out of the Valley more).

5. Listening to THESOUNDLA.COM (100.3) live stream through my computer all day. Not as good as KSCA 101.9 was, but some of the same djs and music I haven't heard in years.

6. Passing on my copy of Twilight to a friend that I know will love it, too.

7. Working on the same annoying report all day long, not finishing it, but thinking 'oh well!'.

8. Having dinner with my oldest friend (since kindergarten), and getting her to totally and honestly open up and get real...finally. Next, my turn...

9. Cranking up 'Mrs. Potter' (live version) by the Counting Crows during my drive home. Again, soooo grateful that good music is back in LA (100.3). I really missed it. Come back Nicole!

10. Quiet house, kids sound asleep, happy husband, cat begging to play with her ribbon obsession, and curling up in bed with New Moon (2nd book in Twilight series)...nooo Edward don't go!

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