Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little voice

Today was busy and very fun. I'm feeling much better and ready to get out of the house and hit some of our favorite spots before school starts. This morning it was the always popular Travel Town at Griffith Park, then this afternoon we joined our co-op buddies at the Noah's Arc exhibit at the Skirball (a must see!). On the way home and stuck in horrible 405 car fire accident traffic, Quinn said, completely out of the blue and in pure Quinn form, "I don't think we will have a kid from Africa in our class." I replied "Wouldn't that be neat? I hope you have kids from many different nationalities so you can learn new things from them." And, we went on to have a discussion about different nationalities and disabilities and how much we can learn from knowing them, etc. Good stuff.

So, we are at this back-to-school picnic at their new school, and the event is coming to a close, but the kids just want to run around and burn off dinner and pent up excitement energy. That little voice inside of me tells me to introduce myself to a very regal but a bit frazzled woman in a beautiful long and colorful flowing dress who's son and daughter are off and running with my kids. Turns out, and I kid you not, she's from the Ivory Coast, AFRICA, and has a lovely accent (speaks French to the kids at home). And, her son is going to be in their class. I said no way, that is amazing and I told her what Quinn said earlier in the day and she smiled wide. Then, Quinn comes running over, throws himself on the grass near my feet and I remind him what he said earlier about Africa and then tell him where her family is from and he did this no-way-I-can't-believe-it-beyond-happy cheer/gasp and then runs off again. We went on to talk about her background - she's a hospice care and quadriplegic care nurse (gets calls in the middle of the night to go to the bedside of someone about to die) and her husband is a CPA, and they just spent six weeks with her family in Africa because her father was elected Governor and she went to the inauguration ceremony. Wow. She's one of those people with that something special, and, as always, I'm so glad I listened to that little voice because talking to her totally made my already fabulous day.

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