Thursday, August 21, 2008

Four eyes

I got glasses when I was five. I don't remember really caring one way or another about it. My mom says my dad picked out my first pair and she wasn't so thrilled at his choice. But, at the time, gasp, over three decades ago, there were exactly three different pairs of kid glasses to choose from - brown, ugly, or dorky. I think I had all three. Fortunately through my school years, I rarely got teased about wearing glasses, because I wasn't one to give the teaser any power (I didn't get emotional). The one time I heard "hey four eyes!" I laughed and said "oh, that's original" and walked away. Worked the same for braces. And the headgear.

Anyway, today I had an appointment for the kids to see an eye doctor that specializes in kids. It wasn't for any major reason, but their annual exam last month revealed some questionable vision results, and since I'm extremely near-sighted and Jason just got reading glasses, I know they have a 50/50 chance of inheriting my bad vision so it's better just to know what we are dealing with. But, deep down, I am worried that they will have to wear glasses. It's not any fun, can be kind of limiting, and sets them apart from the crowd thus opening them up to being teased. Even Jason said "Let's just hope glasses come after jr. high school".

Fortunately, the exam was smooth - amazing warm doctor with all the kids tricks to keep them involved and interested and explained a lot as she went along. They weren't so thrilled with having their eyes dilated (who does?), but the stickers helped and the waiting room with books and movies was an A+. The diagnosis? Talia is slightly far-sighted (excellent yea!), and Quinn is oh-so-slightly near-sighted (ok, I'll take that - yea!). He might need glasses...down the road...but not right now for sure. And, their eyes are totally healthy. When I said to the doctor "thank you for such good news - healthy is wonderful", Dr. Calvin said that as long as you can correct vision to 20/20 (or almost) then you should feel very blessed. She said she has a young patient with eyes that won't correct well and has had three retinal detachments (bad!). Now, I always tell myself this comforting fact when I'm at the eye doctor, that I should be grateful that my eyes are healthy and I can wear glasses to see fine and to not sulk about it one bit, especially when he asks "Tell me what letters you can see" and I honestly say "What letters?". But, hearing that my kids have healthy eyes made me feel blessed, like I reason with myself about my own eyes to make me feel better, but now on a much deeper and more sincere level. The fact that this common routine visit didn't turn into an scary life altering day is a big deal. I won't even get into all the bad things that can go wrong with a multiple pregnancy. I can deal with them needing glasses. No problem. Especially now that they probably have 200 really cute ones to choose from, if or when the time comes.

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