Friday, August 22, 2008

Comfort soup

I'm sick. It was inevitable. Kids sick = parents sick. You spend all your energy nursing your kids back to health which is emotionally and physically draining, and all the sneezes and snotty noses and lost sleep are impossible to avoid. Ironically, the kids are feeling great and ready to get back to their normal high energy summer fun, while I just want to curl up in bed, sleep, be pitiful, and be waited on for my few needs. I don't ask for much because I mostly want to be left alone with the occasional "do you need anything honey?" or "here's some hot tea". Unfortunately, Jason is sick, too, and seemingly more miserable than me, so he's the one curled up in bed, and I'm the one pulling myself together and taking care of the busy pent up kids. Luckily, there is a certain thing that always makes me feel better, aside from my mom offering to take the kids for the night. I called and ordered some of my favorite hot and sour soup from the only Chinese food place I will eat it from (until I ate it from this place, I never liked it), and convinced Jason that it was in both of our best interests for him to go out into the big bright world and retrieve it for us. Yes, it's so good that even though they don't have delivery it's worth the drive.

We all have our idea of comfort food for when we are sick. For most people, it's probably chicken noodle soup or mom's homemade something or another. For me, it's this specific hot and sour soup and no other substitute will do. It has shrimp and tons of other yummy stuff that I don't recognize but I don't care because it's spicy, strong, and perfectly flavored and always does wonders on my sore throat and stuffy nose. I love that the sweet ladies that take your order say "When you are sick, only order small. It's best fresh. You come back and get more later". It's just one of those little pleasures that can lift me up both physically and emotionally, a little "hey girl, you're going to feel okay soon". You just can't get that feeling from any traditional cold medicine, so I'll just stick with my soup, thank you very much.

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