Monday, August 25, 2008


Man, this cold really kicked my ass. I don't doubt it though, as I haven't been sleeping or eating well, not getting exercise, coupled with too much worry over kindergarten starting way too soon for this very attached mommy and lots of other stuff (sick kids, mom's break-in, etc.). As much as I appreciate having two days of laying in bed, watching tons of tv, and eating soup, the feeling really awful part...uh, not so great. Oh, and the guilt that this is the last week before school and I should be taking the kids everywhere fun and amazing and living it up - had to let that one go and not think about it. So in the spirit of my blog, I'm attempting to think of a few 'little' things that I noticed during this sick time and here it goes:

- Discovered a new soup! Asked the sweet lady at the hot and sour soup Chinese food restaurant if she recommended any soup for being sick, and she suggests this Vietnamese soup. It's like this lemon sweet sour spicy concoction with tomatoes, pineapple, bean curd, and tons of contrasting flavors. Yummm!
- Caught up on new season of Project Runway. I didn't even know there was a new season going on, but I love the very quirky designers this time. Thank goodness for Tivo!
- Decided that one day I must visit and/or move to the beautiful island of Roatan (House Hunters International).
- Lifetime them...the cheesier the better. Lies, affairs, Campbell Scott - oh ya.
- My cat, Popoki love love loves it when I am sick...and she sleeps next to me all day long, with short breaks for some petting and stretching.
- Jason can really step up when he needs to and I really appreciate that.
- My room is very
- I think my house is dirty most of the time and it drives me crazy, but after watching How Clean is Your House? I realize that nope, not so bad.

Alas, there is so much more to write because I've had a lot of time to think. But, the good news is that when Jason came back from taking the kids out this morning, he looked at me, smiled, and said "You have color back in your face! You must be feeling better." Yep, I think I have turned the sick corner and that feels great - not quite ready to clean the whole house, but I'm on my way...

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  1. Hi

    You really do need to move to Roatan. My wife and I did over four years ago, and we have not regretted a day.

    You can see some photos and read some of the articles that my wife has written at

    Wish you the best,